.BA9 File Extension

A .BA9 file is a TaxAct 2019 Tax Return Backup File, created by TaxAct.

Open with TaxAct. Available for Windows.

What is a .BA9 file?

A .BA9 file is a type of backup file specifically used by the TaxAct 2019 software, which is a program designed to help users prepare their tax returns for the year 2019. This file contains a copy of a user's tax return data, including information required by the federal IRS and state tax agencies, as well as personal details like the user's name and occupation. The purpose of a .BA9 file is to serve as a safety net, ensuring that there is a backup copy of the tax return in case the original file (.TA9) is accidentally lost or damaged.

To open a .BA9 file, you need to use the TaxAct 2019 software. This is the same program that was used to create the tax return and the backup file. Each year, TaxAct updates its software, and each version uses a different file extension for backups. For instance, TaxAct 2017 uses the .ba7 extension, and TaxAct 2018 uses the .ba8 extension for their respective backup files.

If you have used TaxAct 2019 to file your taxes, you might have created a .BA9 file either manually or automatically. To manually create a backup, within the TaxAct 2019 program, you would go to the "File" menu, choose "Backup...", and then save your file. Remember, you need to have saved your tax return as a .TA9 file first before you can create a backup. If you need to restore your tax information from a .BA9 file, you would go to "File" → "Restore Backup..." in the TaxAct 2019 software and locate your .BA9 file.

TaxAct 2019 also automatically creates backup files and stores them in a folder named "AUTO-BACKUP". There are three types of automatic backups: the current backup, a daily backup, and a weekly backup. The filenames will indicate the type of backup, for example, a daily backup file will end with "_daily.ba9".

In summary, .BA9 files are crucial for safeguarding your tax return information when using TaxAct 2019. They ensure that you have a retrievable copy of your tax data in case of any issues with the original file. To manage these files, you use the TaxAct 2019 software to either create or restore backups as needed.


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