.BAGST File Extension

A .BAGST file is a Binary Audio Group Settings Table, created by Nintendo.

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What is a .BAGST file?

A .BAGST file is a special kind of computer file that is used with video games on the Nintendo Wii U or Nintendo Switch gaming consoles. The name "BAGST" stands for Binary Audio Group Settings Table. This file contains important information that helps the video game control how loud or soft the sounds in the game should be, along with other audio settings for a group of sounds or music tracks in the game. For example, it can adjust the volume of the background music or sound effects to make sure they sound right when you're playing the game.

As of now, there aren't any widely known programs outside of the game development tools used by the creators of the video games that can open or change these .BAGST files. This means that if you're a regular user or gamer, you probably won't be able to open or edit these files on your computer. They are designed to be used within the games themselves, so the game's software reads the .BAGST file to know how to manage the game's audio according to the settings saved in this file.


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