.BGT File Extension

A .BGT file is a Graphics Accounts Data File, created by FKJ Software.

Open with FKJ Software Graphic Accounts. Available for Windows.

What is a .BGT file?

The .BGT file extension is used for a type of file called a Graphics Accounts Data File. This file contains budget information that is specifically designed to be used with a program called Graphic Accounts, which is made by FKJ Software. Graphic Accounts is a tool that helps individuals manage their personal finances by allowing them to set up budgets. The information inside a .BGT file can include various financial data that a person might want to keep track of, such as income, expenses, savings, and so on. What makes these files particularly useful is that they can be visualized in different ways within the Graphic Accounts program. For example, you can see your budget information displayed in graphs, tables, or charts, making it easier to understand your financial situation at a glance.

To use a .BGT file, you need to have the Graphic Accounts program installed on your computer. Once you have this program, you can open the .BGT file with it to view and manage your budget data. It's also worth noting that .BGT files are often used together with another type of file called an accounts (.ACC) file. The .ACC file contains detailed account information that complements the budget data in the .BGT file, providing a more comprehensive view of your financial situation.

In summary, if you're using the Graphic Accounts program for personal financial budgeting and planning, the .BGT file is where your budget data is stored. You can open this file with the Graphic Accounts program to visualize and manage your finances through various graphical representations.


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