.BLN File Extension

A .BLN file is a Golden Software Blanking File, created by Golden Software.

Open with Golden Software Surfer. Available for Windows.

What is a .BLN file?

The file extension .BLN stands for a Golden Software Blanking File. This type of file is a comma-delimited ASCII text file, which means it is a plain text file that uses commas to separate values. It is specifically used by various software products developed by Golden Software, which are designed for visualization and mapping purposes.

The main function of a .BLN file is to define boundaries for polygons, polylines, and points. These boundaries are important in mapping applications because they help in creating accurate representations of areas. For example, in a contour map, a .BLN file can specify regions that should be "blanked" or hidden, meaning these areas will not display contour lines. This is useful for emphasizing specific areas or for omitting irrelevant or sensitive data.

To open a .BLN file, you can use several programs developed by Golden Software. These include: 1. **Golden Software Surfer** - This program is widely used for creating contour maps and 3D surface mapping. 2. **Golden Software Grapher** - Useful for producing publication-quality graphs, it allows for extensive customization and supports various graph types. 3. **Golden Software MapViewer** - This tool is designed for thematic mapping and spatial analysis.

It's important to note that some programs that previously supported .BLN files have been discontinued. These include: - **Golden Software Strater** - Previously used for well log and borehole plotting. - **Golden Software Voxler** - Was known for its 3D data visualization capabilities. - **Golden Software Didger** - Used for digitizing and coordinate conversion.

If you need to work with .BLN files and do not have access to the discontinued software, Surfer, Grapher, and MapViewer are your primary options for opening and utilizing these files effectively.


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