.BMS File Extension

A .BMS file is a Be-Music Source File, created by Mike Zuurman.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BMS file?

A .BMS file is a type of file that is used in a very specific way. It stands for Be-Music Source File and is essentially a text file that contains special instructions. These instructions are written in a programming language called Binary MultiEx Script (BMS), which is designed for a particular purpose. The main use of a BMS file is with a program called QuickBMS. QuickBMS is a tool that helps people extract different parts of video games, like images or sounds, from the game's files. This is especially useful for people who like to create mods or just want to see how the game is made.

Because a BMS file is a plain text file, you can open it with any program that can read text. This includes simple programs that come with your computer like Microsoft Notepad on Windows or Apple TextEdit on Mac. There are also more advanced text editors like Vim, GNU Emacs, and GitHub Atom (though GitHub Atom has been discontinued), which offer more features for editing text.

The interesting thing about BMS files is their connection to a video game called BeatMania. BeatMania is a game where you pretend to be a DJ, and you have to press buttons in time with music. The game was first made in 1997, and it became very popular. Because of its popularity, people started making their own versions of BeatMania on their computers. In 1998, a developer named Urao Yane created the BMS format to store songs for one of these computer versions called BM98. This format allowed players to practice with different songs. Even though the original developers stopped working on BM98, other developers kept using the BMS format for their own versions of BeatMania. Now, the BMS format is widely used in games that are similar to BeatMania, making it an important part of the rhythm game community.

In summary, a .BMS file is a script file used mainly in video game development and modding, particularly for rhythm games like BeatMania. You can open and edit it with any text editor, but to use the script as intended, you would run it through QuickBMS. The BMS format has a rich history in the gaming community, especially among fans of rhythm games.


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