.BTM File Extension

A .BTM file is a BizTalk Map File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft BizTalk Mapper. Available for Windows.

What is a .BTM file?

The file extension .BTM represents a BizTalk Map File. This type of file is specifically used by Microsoft BizTalk Server, which is a software application aimed at helping businesses integrate various systems and automate complex business processes across extensive, often global, supply chains.

A .BTM file contains data mappings, which are essentially sets of instructions that define how data should be transferred and transformed between different schemas. Schemas are structured frameworks or databases that organize and store information in a systematic way. These mappings in the .BTM file help ensure that data flows correctly from one system to another within the business environment, maintaining data integrity and consistency.

To work with .BTM files, you can use Microsoft BizTalk Mapper, which is a tool included within Microsoft BizTalk Server. This tool allows users to create, view, and modify data mappings visually, making it easier to define and adjust how information is shared and processed between different systems.

Additionally, .BTM files can be edited using the BizTalk Mapper program, which is accessible through Microsoft Visual Studio. This integration allows developers to work within a familiar development environment, leveraging advanced features to manage and deploy complex integration solutions effectively.

In summary, if you need to open or edit a .BTM file, you should use Microsoft BizTalk Mapper or Microsoft BizTalk Server. These programs provide the necessary tools to handle the specific tasks associated with BizTalk Map Files.


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