.BTW File Extension

A .BTW file is a BarTender Label, created by Seagull Scientific.

Open with Seagull Scientific BarTender. Available for Windows.

What is a .BTW file?

A .BTW file is a type of file known as a BarTender Label. It is created using BarTender, which is a specialized software designed for creating professional barcode labels. These labels can include various elements such as barcodes, text, and graphics. Users can arrange these elements in any layout they choose to suit their needs.

The .BTW file not only contains the visual design of the label but also includes important additional information, known as metadata. This metadata can consist of details about the label's properties, such as its size or print settings, and the specific version of the BarTender program that was used to create the file.

To open a .BTW file, you need to use the BarTender software from Seagull Scientific. This program is specifically designed to handle the unique features and elements contained within BarTender Label files.


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