.C3Z File Extension

A .C3Z file is a OpenQwaq 3D Model File, created by OpenQwaq.

Open with OpenQwaq. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .C3Z file?

The .C3Z file extension is used for a special type of file called an OpenQwaq 3D Model File. These files are important for people who use OpenQwaq, which is a program that lets people work together in a virtual space as if they were in the same room, even though they might be far apart in the real world. A .C3Z file helps to make this virtual space more interesting and realistic. It does this by defining how a 3D object or a character, known as an avatar, looks. For example, in OpenQwaq, you can choose to look like "Business Jake," "Casual John," or "Military Sam" thanks to these files. Not just people, but objects like tables, chairs, and even wall clocks can be represented in the virtual space, making it look like an office or another type of work environment. This helps users feel more like they're in a real place, making their collaboration more effective.

These files are actually saved in a format similar to .ZIP files, which means they are compressed to take up less space. Inside, they contain XML data, which is a way of storing information in a structured, readable format.

To open a .C3Z file, you need to use the OpenQwaq program. Since these files are specifically designed for OpenQwaq, it's the only software that can properly open and use them to add objects or avatars to the virtual collaboration environment.


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