.CCH File Extension

A .CCH file is a Corel Chart File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft .NET Framework. Available for Windows.

What is a .CCH file?

The .CCH file extension stands for a Corel Chart File, but it is also used by Microsoft's .NET Framework, which is a software framework developed by Microsoft that primarily runs on Microsoft Windows. This file type is specifically used to store Code Access Security (CAS) cached information. CAS is a part of the .NET Framework that helps manage the security of different parts of a .NET application.

A .CCH file helps the .NET Framework quickly check and enforce security rules for the applications it runs. This makes applications more secure and efficient by remembering previous security checks. These files are usually named security.config.cch or similar names.

The .NET Framework automatically creates these .CCH files when needed. They are used internally by the framework to speed up the process of resolving security requirements for applications. If you delete these files, the .NET Framework can recreate them, but it might make the application run slower for a while because the security checks need to be processed again from scratch.

To open or work with a .CCH file, you generally don't need to do anything special because they are handled by the .NET Framework itself. However, it's important to note that these files are not meant to be manually edited or manipulated since they are system files used by the framework to ensure application security and performance.


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