.CHT File Extension

A .CHT file is a Emulator Cheat File, created by N/A.

Open with Snes9x. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CHT file?

A .CHT file is a type of file known as an Emulator Cheat File. It is used by various video game emulators, which are programs that mimic the hardware of gaming consoles so you can play games on different platforms like computers or smartphones. The .CHT file contains cheat codes that help players in video games by providing them with special abilities or advantages. For example, these cheats might make a player invincible, give them unlimited lives, or unlock hidden items.

These cheat files are compatible with a range of emulators for different gaming systems. Some popular emulators that can open .CHT files include Snes9x, Dolphin, ZSNES, Jnes, VirtuaNES, and N64oid. Each of these emulators is designed to emulate different gaming systems. For instance, Snes9x is for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games, Dolphin is for Nintendo GameCube and Wii games, ZSNES is another SNES emulator, Jnes emulates Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games, VirtuaNES also emulates NES games, and N64oid is for Nintendo 64 games.

To use a .CHT file, you typically need to load it into the emulator running the video game. The process for loading a cheat file can vary depending on the emulator, but generally, there is an option in the emulator’s menu to load cheat codes from a .CHT file. Once loaded, the cheats can be activated according to the player's needs, enhancing the gaming experience by making challenging sections easier or unlocking parts of the game that would require extensive gameplay to access otherwise.

In summary, .CHT files are valuable for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience on emulator platforms by enabling various cheats within the games they are playing. These files are supported by a variety of emulators across different platforms, including PCs and Android devices.


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