.IPICK File Extension

A .IPICK file is a iPick Football Image, created by iPick Sports.

Open with iPick Football. Available for .

What is a .IPICK file?

The .IPICK file is a special type of image file used by a mobile app called iPick Football. This app is available for both iPhone (iOS) and Android phones. People use iPick Football to keep track of their predictions or "picks" for National Football League (NFL) games each week. They can also share these picks with friends.

The .IPICK file contains a picture (in JPEG format) that shows which NFL teams a person thinks will win in a particular week, along with how confident they are in each choice. This could look like a list or a chart of teams. Besides the picture, the file also includes detailed information about the picks themselves, like which team was chosen over another. This extra information is saved in a part of the file known as EXIF metadata, which is a way to store extra details about an image.

To open a .IPICK file, you need to use the iPick Football app on an iPhone or an Android phone. Since the file is essentially a JPEG image with extra data, it's possible that other programs which can open JPEG images might be able to show the picture part of the file, but they might not display the NFL pick information stored in the metadata.


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