.MGDATABASE File Extension

A .MGDATABASE file is a MacGourmet Deluxe Database File, created by Mariner Software.

Open with Mariner MacGourmet Deluxe. Available for Mac.

What is a .MGDATABASE file?

The .MGDATABASE file extension refers to a "MacGourmet Deluxe Database File." This type of file is specifically used with the MacGourmet Deluxe software, which is designed for people who love to cook. The software helps users to store, organize, and manage their cooking recipes efficiently.

A .MGDATABASE file contains a collection of recipes. Each recipe in the file includes details such as the ingredients needed, step-by-step cooking or baking instructions, the type of food (e.g., dessert, entree), and the source of the recipe. Additionally, these files can include images showing the finished dish, which can be helpful for presentation ideas.

Beyond just storing recipes, .MGDATABASE files are useful for several other purposes. They allow users to create personal cookbooks, which can be a great way to compile favorite recipes or share them with friends and family. Users can also use these files to search through their recipe collections when planning meals for specific occasions, making it easier to organize cooking tasks.

Furthermore, the MacGourmet Deluxe software provides features for adding personal notes to recipes, which can include modifications, tips, or any other relevant information. It also allows users to create shopping lists directly from the recipes, ensuring that all ingredients are accounted for during grocery shopping.

To open a .MGDATABASE file, you will need to use the Mariner MacGourmet Deluxe software. This program is specifically designed to work with .MGDATABASE files and provides all the necessary tools for viewing, editing, and managing the content within these files.


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