.ONEPKG File Extension

A .ONEPKG file is a Microsoft OneNote Package, created by Microsoft.

Open with All Platforms. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .ONEPKG file?

A .ONEPKG file is a type of file used by Microsoft OneNote, a digital notebook application. This file format is specifically called a Microsoft OneNote Package. It is designed to store a collection of OneNote notebook files, which have the .ONE extension. Users of OneNote often use .ONEPKG files when they need to transfer several notebooks at once or to create backups of their work. This makes handling multiple files more convenient compared to dealing with individual .ONE files.

The .ONEPKG file is essentially a compressed archive, similar to a .ZIP file. Because of this, if you need to access the contents of a .ONEPKG file, you can do so by first renaming the file extension from .ONEPKG to .ZIP. After renaming, you can use any program that can open ZIP files to extract the notebooks contained within the package.

To open a .ONEPKG file directly, you can use Microsoft OneNote 365, which is available on various platforms including Windows and macOS. For iOS users, an app called Gorillized Outline+ also supports opening and working with .ONEPKG files.

In summary, .ONEPKG files are used by Microsoft OneNote to package multiple .ONE notebook files into a single, more manageable file. These files can be opened directly in OneNote or renamed to .ZIP and extracted using any ZIP file decompression tool.


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