.PLOTDOC File Extension

A .PLOTDOC file is a Plotagon Project File, created by Plotagon.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .PLOTDOC file?

A .PLOTDOC file is a type of text file that was used in older versions of a program called Plotagon Studio. Plotagon Studio is a software tool used by people who enjoy creating animated movies. These movies can include animated characters, scenes, subtitles, and spoken words.

The .PLOTDOC file is written in a format known as JSON, which is a way of organizing information in a text file so that both humans and computers can read it easily. This file contains important details about a Plotagon project, such as the project's unique ID, its name, the date it was created, and the last date it was updated. It also includes a detailed description of the project itself.

However, newer versions of Plotagon Studio no longer use .PLOTDOC files. Instead, they use .PLOT files, which are binary files. This means they are not just simple text files but contain more complex data. Although .PLOT files include the information that was in .PLOTDOC files, users can't directly access the .PLOTDOC files anymore because they are now part of the .PLOT files.

If you have a .PLOTDOC file, you can open it using any text editor because it is a text file. Text editors are programs that let you view and edit plain text. Examples of text editors include Microsoft Notepad, which comes with Windows, Apple TextEdit, which is included with macOS, and others like Vim, GNU Emacs, and Google Chrome Text. Some of these editors, like GitHub Atom, have been discontinued but were previously used to open such files.

In summary, .PLOTDOC files are old text files from Plotagon Studio that store detailed information about animation projects in a readable format. They have been replaced by .PLOT files in newer versions of the software.


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