.SBK File Extension

A .SBK file is a SWiSH Project Backup File, created by

Open with SWiSH Max. Available for Windows.

What is a .SBK file?

The .SBK file extension is used for a SWiSH Project Backup File. This type of file is essentially a safety copy of a SWiSH Project, which has the file extension .SWI. SWiSH is a program used to create animations similar to what you might see made with Adobe Flash. These animations are often used on websites or in digital presentations to make them more engaging with moving visuals.

When you work on creating an animation in the SWiSH program, it automatically makes a backup of your project and saves it as a .SBK file. This is very useful because if something goes wrong with your original project file—if it gets lost, accidentally deleted, or corrupted in some way—you won't lose all your work. Instead, you can use the .SBK file to restore your project.

To open a .SBK file, you would typically use the SWiSH Max program, which is the software designed for creating and editing these types of animations. However, there's an important step you might need to take before you can view or edit your backup project. Sometimes, you have to change the file's extension from ".sbk" to ".swi" to make it recognizable as a project file by the SWiSH Max program. Changing the file extension simply means renaming the part of the file's name that comes after the dot. So, you would rename your file from something like "myanimation.sbk" to "myanimation.swi".

Remember, changing the file extension is a simple process, but you should only do it if you are trying to recover a project from its backup and you understand that the file is indeed a SWiSH project backup. This way, you can continue working on your animation without having to start over from scratch if the original file was compromised.


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