.SCR File Extension

A .SCR file is a Script File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Windows. Available for Windows.

What is a .SCR file?

An SCR file is a type of file that your computer uses for screen savers. Screen savers are those moving pictures or animations that appear on your screen when you haven't used your computer for a while. These can be pretty pictures, animations, a collection of photos that change like a slideshow, or even videos. The SCR file tells your computer what to show as the screen saver.

Usually, you'll find these SCR files in a special place on your computer that Windows uses to store important files. If you're using a computer that runs Microsoft Windows, it knows how to use these SCR files to show you screen savers.

You can open or change these SCR files with the Windows operating system itself because Windows knows how to handle them. If you're curious or want to make a small change, you might be able to open an SCR file with a simple text editing program, like Notepad, because the information inside them is saved in a way that's similar to text. This is handy if you know a bit about how these files work and want to tweak something.

It's interesting to note that sometimes, SCR files are actually just another type of file called an EXE, which stands for executable file. These are the kinds of files that run programs on your computer. But why would someone change an EXE file to an SCR file? Well, sometimes, security programs on your computer are extra cautious with EXE files because viruses can hide in them. By changing the file to an SCR, it might not get the same strict check, making it easier to use or share without getting stopped by security software. However, this is also why you should be careful with SCR files from sources you don't trust, as they could potentially harm your computer.


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