.SET File Extension

A .SET file is a Settings File, created by Xerox.

Open with Xerox Library Administration Tool. Available for Windows.

What is a .SET file?

A .SET file is a type of settings file used specifically by Xerox Document Library software. This software helps organize documents by placing them into virtual "cabinets" on a computer, similar to how physical documents are stored in real file cabinets. The .SET file stores various settings, known as property sets, which define characteristics or properties of these virtual cabinets. These properties can include details about the documents stored within them, such as type, author, or date created.

The main purpose of these property sets is to simplify the management and retrieval of documents within large databases. For example, when using the Xerox Library Administration Tool to perform a search in the library, you can filter and find documents based on the properties defined in the .SET file. This makes it much easier to locate specific documents within a large collection.

To open and work with .SET files, you need to use the Xerox Library Administration Tool, which is part of the Xerox FreeFlow software package. Within this tool, you can create new property sets by navigating to the "Cabinets and Properties" tab and selecting "New Property Set" from the toolbar. This allows you to customize how documents are organized and managed within the software.

Overall, .SET files are crucial for users who need to manage large volumes of documents efficiently using the Xerox Document Library system.


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