.SLTNG File Extension

A .SLTNG file is a StarLogo TNG Project File, created by MIT.

Open with StarLogo TNG (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .SLTNG file?

The file extension .SLTNG stands for a StarLogo TNG Project File. This type of file is created and used by a program called StarLogo TNG, which is designed to help teach programming concepts mainly in educational settings like schools. The .SLTNG file contains a project that users can work on within the StarLogo TNG software. These projects often simulate models which can include interactive elements such as 3D graphics, sounds, and responses to keyboard inputs. This makes it particularly useful for students who are learning to create simple video games or simulations.

Although StarLogo TNG is a valuable educational tool, it is important to note that the software has been discontinued, which means it is no longer being updated or supported by its developers. However, if you have the software installed, you can still open .SLTNG files with it. Since StarLogo TNG is the primary program that can open these files, finding another program to open them might be challenging due to the discontinuation of the software. If you need to work with .SLTNG files, it's best to use a computer where StarLogo TNG is already installed.


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