.SMK File Extension

A .SMK file is a Smacker Compressed Movie File, created by RAD Game Tools.

Open with VideoLAN VLC media player. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SMK file?

The .SMK file extension stands for Smacker Compressed Movie File. This type of file contains video, animation, or sound that has been compressed using a specific technology developed by RAD Game Tools known as the Smacker compressor. The compression technique used in .SMK files is designed to support video clips that have 256 colors and can include transparency features. This makes it particularly useful for video games, as it helps to create movies within the games that have smaller file sizes, allowing them to run more smoothly and take up less storage space.

To open a .SMK file, you can use several different programs. One of the most popular is the VideoLAN VLC media player, which is available for free and can handle not just the video and animation in .SMK files, but also the audio components. Another option is File Viewer Plus, which you can download from the Microsoft store. Additionally, RAD Game Tools offers two specific programs for opening .SMK files: "The RAD Video Tools" and "The Smacker Carbon Player." These tools are specifically designed to work with files compressed using the Smacker technology.

It's worth noting that RAD Game Tools, the developer of the Smacker compression technology, also created another video format called .BIK, or Bink video format. This is used for higher-quality videos compared to the Smacker format.

In summary, if you have a .SMK file that you need to open, you can use VLC media player, File Viewer Plus, or the specialized tools from RAD Game Tools. These programs will allow you to view or listen to the content in the .SMK file.


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