.SPE File Extension

A .SPE file is a WinSpec CCD Capture File, created by Roper Scientific.

Open with Roper Scientific WinView or WinSpec. Available for Windows.

What is a .SPE file?

The file extension .SPE refers to a WinSpec CCD Capture File. This type of file contains image data that has been captured using the Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) of a PIXIS camera or another device made by Princeton Instruments. The data stored in these files is typically used for scientific or technical analysis.

To view or modify the contents of a .SPE file, you can use software developed by Roper Scientific, specifically WinSpec or WinView. These programs are designed to work with the specific format of .SPE files, allowing users to analyze the image data thoroughly and make necessary modifications.

If you have a .SPE file that you need to open, you should use Roper Scientific's WinView or WinSpec software. These programs provide the tools needed to effectively handle the data captured by Princeton Instruments' devices.


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