.STM File Extension

A .STM file is a Scream Tracker 2 Module, created by Future Crew.

Open with Schism Tracker. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .STM file?

An STM file is a type of audio file specifically used in the Scream Tracker software, which is a program used to create and edit music. The STM file format stands for Scream Tracker Module and was primarily used by the first and second versions of the Scream Tracker software. This file format is designed to store various components of a digital music track. These components include multiple tracks, patterns of music, and samples of different instruments. These elements are combined to play back complete songs within the software.

The STM file format is a proprietary format, meaning it was developed for specific use with Scream Tracker and may not be widely supported by other software. However, there are several programs that can open STM files: 1. **Schism Tracker** - This is a modern and updated program that can handle STM files. It is designed to replicate the classic tracker interface and functionality, making it a good choice for those familiar with traditional tracker software.

2. **OpenMPT (Open ModPlug Tracker)** - This is another tracker program that supports a wide range of module formats, including STM. It allows for extensive editing and creating of music tracks.

3. **Nullsoft Winamp** - Primarily known as a media player, Winamp can also open and play STM files with the help of input plugins that support old tracker formats.

4. **MikMod** - This is a module player that supports various formats including STM. It can be used on multiple platforms.

5. **CocoModX** - This program was used to play various module files including STM, but it has been discontinued. This means it's no longer being updated or supported.

It's important to note that STM files are also associated with Microsoft Exchange Server, where they are used to store streamed native Internet content. In this context, STM files work alongside EDB files to manage email data. New messages are initially saved in the STM file on the mail server and are transferred to the EDB file when accessed by a MAPI client, where they are converted to the native Exchange format. However, this use of STM files is quite different from their role in music tracking.


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