.SWE File Extension

A .SWE file is a Super Mario Maker World Engine Level, created by Franyer Farías.

Open with Super Mario Maker World Engine for Windows. Available for Windows.

What is a .SWE file?

A .SWE file is a type of file specifically used for storing levels created in the Super Mario Maker World Engine, which is a fan-created version of the popular Super Mario Maker game. This game allows users to design and play their own Super Mario levels. The .SWE file contains all the necessary data for a level, including layouts, objects, and gameplay elements.

To use a .SWE file, you need to have the Super Mario Maker World Engine software installed on your device. This software is available for both Windows computers and Android devices. Once you have the software, you can open the .SWE file to play the level, make changes to it, or create new levels based on it.

Here are the steps to open a .SWE file: 1. **For Windows:** - Install the Super Mario Maker World Engine software designed for Windows. - Open the program, and then open the .SWE file through the software's file menu to start playing or editing the level.

2. **For Android:** - Download and install the Super Mario Maker World Engine app from the Android app store. - Open the app, and then load the .SWE file to play or modify the level on your Android device.

These programs are specifically designed to work with .SWE files, ensuring that the levels you create or modify can be played as intended in the Super Mario Maker World Engine environment.


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