.T2B File Extension

A .T2B file is a CyBook Thumbnail Image, created by Bookeen.

Open with t2b2pgm. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .T2B file?

The .T2B file extension is associated with thumbnail images created specifically for the CyBook eBook reader, which is a device used for reading eBooks in black and white. These thumbnail images are small, preview pictures of the book covers that you might see on the eBook reader's screen. The unique thing about these images is that they are in 2-bit grayscale format. This means they can only display four different shades of gray, which is a very limited color range. This simplicity helps the images to load quickly and use less storage space, making it easier for the CyBook reader to display a lot of them at once without slowing down.

These .T2B files are generated automatically by the CyBook reader whenever you view books on the device. So, when you're browsing through your library on the CyBook, the device creates these thumbnail images so you can quickly see what each book looks like. This feature is particularly useful for quickly identifying books by their covers rather than having to read their titles.

If you want to open or view these .T2B files on a computer, you would need specific software that can handle this file type. Two programs known to open .T2B files are t2b2pgm and Lemkesoft GraphicConverter. t2b2pgm is a specialized tool that can convert .T2B files into a more common image format called PGM, which stands for Portable Gray Map. This conversion makes it easier to view the images on computers or other devices that might not support the .T2B format directly. Lemkesoft GraphicConverter is a more versatile program that can open and convert a wide range of image formats, including .T2B files. With GraphicConverter, you can not only view the thumbnails but also edit them if needed, although editing might not be necessary for most users who simply want to view the images.


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