.TJC File Extension

A .TJC file is a Taikojiro Song Map Sequence File, created by Taikojiro.

Open with Taikojiro. Available for Windows.

What is a .TJC file?

The .TJC file extension is associated with a type of game file known as a Taikojiro Song Map Sequence File. This file is specifically used by a game called Taikojiro, which is a rhythm synchronization game popular in Japan. In this game, players hit drums in time with music, and the .TJC files play a crucial role in how the game operates.

A .TJC file is essentially a list or sequence of song maps, which are stored in separate files with the .TJA extension. These song maps contain the notes and beats of songs that players must match by hitting the drums at the right time. The .TJC file organizes multiple .TJA files in a specific order, allowing for a continuous play mode within the game. This means that players can enjoy playing through several songs in sequence without having to manually select each new song when one finishes.

To open a .TJC file, you need to have the Taikojiro game installed on your computer. Taikojiro is the program designed to read and process these files, enabling the game to present the songs in the sequence specified by the .TJC file. Without the Taikojiro game, the .TJC file cannot be used as intended, since it is a game-specific file format that is not recognized by standard media players or other common software applications.


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