.TNY File Extension

A .TNY file is a Atari Tiny Image, created by Atari.

Open with XnViewMP. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TNY file?

The .TNY file extension is used for a special kind of image file known as an Atari Tiny Image. These files are not just regular images; they are more like short, animated clips. They were specifically designed to work on Atari ST computer systems. Although Atari ST computers stopped being made in 1993, the .TNY files are a cool part of digital history, especially for those interested in retro computing and gaming.

A .TNY file contains a series of pictures, or "frames," similar to a flipbook, where each page is a part of a moving scene. When you play the file, these frames are shown one after the other at a certain speed, creating an animation. The file also includes information on how long each frame should be displayed and how fast the entire sequence should run. This means you can have animations that move smoothly and at the right pace. These animations can be made in various sizes, allowing for different resolutions and levels of detail.

If you have a .TNY file and want to view or edit it, you'll need the right software. One of the most versatile programs for this purpose is XnViewMP. XnViewMP is a powerful tool that can open and display .TNY files, allowing you to see the animations as they were meant to be seen. It's also mentioned multiple times, highlighting its strong compatibility with .TNY files. Another program that can work with .TNY files is Newera Graphics Converter Pro. This software is great for converting .TNY files into other image formats, in case you need to use them in a different way or on more modern devices that might not support the .TNY format directly.

In summary, .TNY files are a unique and interesting piece of digital imagery from the era of Atari ST computers. To open and enjoy these animated sequences, you can use programs like XnViewMP and Newera Graphics Converter Pro.


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