.WICK File Extension

A .WICK file is a Wick Editor Project, created by Wicklets.

Open with All Platforms. Available for .

What is a .WICK file?

A .WICK file is a type of file that you create when you're working on a project in a program called Wick Editor. Think of Wick Editor as a digital art and animation tool that lets you make cool animations and games right in your web browser. When you save your work in Wick Editor, it gets saved as a .WICK file.

Inside this .WICK file, there's a bunch of different things that make up your project. It's like a box that holds everything you've put into your project—like pictures, animations, and sounds. This box is actually a Zip-compressed archive, which means everything inside it is squished together to take up less space on your computer. Along with your project's assets (the pictures, animations, and sounds), there's also a special .JSON file. This file is like a table of contents; it tells the Wick Editor how all the pieces of your project fit together.

You can open .WICK files with the Wick Editor, no matter what kind of computer or device you're using, because Wick Editor works on all platforms. When you want to show your project to other people, you can use Wick Editor to turn your .WICK file into different formats like .GIF (which is an animated image) or .ZIP (which is another kind of compressed file that's easy to share).

If you're curious about what's inside the .WICK file or you need to get to the assets in a different way, you can change the name of the file from something.wick to After you do this, you can open it with any program that can open Zip files. This is like unpacking your box of project pieces so you can see everything laid out separately.


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