.$01 File Extension

A .$01 file is a DOS Pipe File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft MS-DOS. Available for Windows.

What is a .$01 file?

The ".$01" file extension is associated with a type of file known as a DOS Pipe File. This kind of file is essentially a text file, which means it contains text that can be read by humans. It is created by DOS programs, which are software applications that run in the DOS operating system environment. DOS stands for Disk Operating System and is an older type of operating system that was widely used in computers before Windows became popular.

The special thing about DOS Pipe Files is that they are used to store information that has been "piped" from a DOS program. Piping is a process where the output from one program is sent directly into another program or file. In the case of .$01 files, the output from a DOS program is saved into the file. This is often done for the purpose of debugging. Debugging is a process where programmers look for and fix errors in their software. By saving the output to a .$01 file, they can examine what the program was doing at a certain point and try to find any problems.

To open a .$01 file, you can use Microsoft MS-DOS, which is the operating system that can run the DOS programs creating these files. However, since .$01 files are text files, you can also open them with any text editor. A text editor is a program that allows you to view and edit plain text files. Examples of text editors include Notepad on Windows, TextEdit on macOS, and Gedit on Linux.

It's important to note that the ".$01" extension can vary, with the number changing to reflect different outputs or versions. So, you might also come across files with extensions like ".$02," ".$03," and so on. Despite the different numbers, these files serve a similar purpose and can be opened in the same way as .$01 files.


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