File Extensions - P

.PPascal Source Code
.P01GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.P10Certificate Request File
.P12Personal Information Exchange File
.P19Parchive Recovery Volume
.P21Express STEP Data Model File
.P2CPortal 2 Community Puzzle File
.P2GPower2Go Project File
.P2IPower2Go Disc Image
.P2MPhotoWorks Appearance File
.P2PFolderShare Placeholder File
.P2SPCSX2 Saved State
.P2ZCompressed Poser Pose File
.P3Primavera P3 Project File
.P3DPanda3D Multifile
.P3EPhotoshop Repousse Settings File
.P3LAdobe Photoshop Light Preset File
.P3MAdobe Photoshop Material Preset File
.P3RAdobe Photoshop Render Settings Preset File
.P3TPlayStation 3 Theme File
.P4DPix4D Project
.P5DPlanner 5D Project
.P6Perl 6 Source Code File
.P6464-bit Windows IDA Plugin Module
.P65PageMaker 6.5 Document
.P7PKCS #7 Digital Certificate File
.P7BPKCS #7 Certificate File
.P7CPKCS #7 Certificate File
.P7EEQStitch 7 Project
.P7MDigitally Encrypted Message
.P7RCertificate Request Response File
.P7SDigitally Signed Email Message
.P7XPacked Digital Signature File
.P7ZS/MIME Compressed Email Message
.P8PICO-8 Source Code File
.P8.PNGPICO-8 Game Cartridge File
.P96Win96 Database File
.P97Win97 Database File
.PAPowerArchiver Compressed File
.PABPersonal Address Book
.PACProxy Auto-Config File
.PACKPack200 Packed Jar File
.PACK.GZPack200 Compressed Archive
.PADACT! Database Pointer File
.PAEPowerArchiver Encrypted Archive
.PAFPortable Application Installer File Program File
.PAGEHybridJava Web Page
.PAGESApple Pages Document
.PAGES-TEFPages iCloud Document
.PAKPAK (Packed) File
.PAKMPAKM Package File
.PALPhotoAnim Library File
.PAMPopCap Games Animation File
.PAMPPoweramp Album Art File
.PANPanorama Database File
.PANDOPando File
.PANDORAPandora Android App Executable
.PANICKernel Panic File
.PANOCamera Panoramic Picture
.PAPCorel Painter Paper Texture
.PAPAGame Save Backup File
.PAPERLIBRARYPainter Paper Library
.PAPERSPainter Paper Texture File
.PAQHewlett-Packard Software Restore File
.PAQ6PAQ6 Data Archive
.PAQ7PAQ7 Data Archive
.PAQ8PAQ8 Data Archive
.PAQ8FPAQ8F Compressed Archive
.PAQ8LPAQ8L Data Archive
.PAQ8PPAQ8P Data Archive
.PARParchive Index File
.PAR2Parchive 2 Index File
.PARADISEParadise Ransomware Encrypted File
.PARTPartially Downloaded File
.PART00000WinOptimizer Split Archive Part 1
.PARTIALInternet Explorer Partially Downloaded File
.PARTIMGPartimage File
.PASPascal Source File
.PASSWORDWALLET4PasswordWallet 4 Data File
.PATDiskStation Manager Installation File
.PAT0Wii Texture Pattern File
.PATCHPatch File
.PATRAN.HRDPatran Hardcopy File
.PATTERNLIBRARYPainter Pattern Library
.PATTERNSPainter Pattern Library
.PAWPaw Document
.PAXPAX Archive
.PBPureBasic Source File
.PB2MAPPlazma Burst 2 Custom Map file
.PBAPowerBackup Archive
.PBBAT&T Phonebook File
.PBDEaseUS Todo Backup File
.PBFPowerBackup Data File
.PBGPixel Bender Graph File
.PBIPC BSD Installer Package
.PBITPower BI Desktop Template
.PBIXPower BI Desktop File
.PBJPowerBackup Job File
.PBKPixel Bender Kernel File
.PBMPortable Bitmap Image
.PBNPortable Bridge Notation File
.PBOPacked Bohemia Object
.PBPPulseBoy Project
.PBPROJProject Builder Project
.PBSPaintShop Pro Brush Strokes
.PBWPebble Watchface File
.PBX5SCRIPTPersonal Backup Script
.PBXBTREEXcode Auto-Complete File
.PBXPROJXcode Project Data File
.PBXSCRIPTPersonal Backup Script
.PBXUSERXcode Project User Data File
.PCPro*C Source Code File
.PC1Degas Elite Low Res Image File
.PC2Degas Elite Medium Res Image File
.PC3AutoCAD Plotter Configuration File
.PC6PowerCADD 6 Drawing File
.PC7PowerCADD 7 Drawing File
.PCAPerfect Clarity Audio File
.PCAPPacket Capture Data
.PCAPNGPcap-NG Packet Capture File
.PCASTiTunes Podcast File
.PCBPrinted Circuit Board Design File
.PCCMass Effect Package
.PCDPokémon Wonder Card File
.PCETurboGrafx-16 ROM
.PCFCisco VPN Configuration File
.PCGKorg Instrument Bank File
.PCHPrecompiled Header File
.PCKSystem Center Configuration Manager Package File
.PCLPrinter Command Language Document
.PCLXPencil2D Project
.PCMPulse Code Modulation
.PCPWindows Installer Patch Creation Properties File
.PCRPCMark Vantage Benchmark File
.PCSPfaff Embroidery File
.PCSAVMass Effect 2 Saved Game
.PCTPicture File
.PCTLKaspersky Parental Control Settings File
.PCVMozBackup Profile Backup
.PCXPaintbrush Bitmap Image File
.PDFlexiSIGN 5 Plotter Document
.PD4Clone Manager Primer File
.PD5Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.PDASoftMax Pro Microplate Data Analysis File
.PDADJPhotoDirector Preset File
.PDASPDAStore Data Store File
.PDBPowerDesigner Database Backup File
.PDCLizard Safeguard Secure PDF File
.PDDAdobe PhotoDeluxe Image
.PDEProcessing Development Environment Source Code File
.PDERProntoDoc for Excel Conventional Document
.PDEXOrient Computer Encrypted Data File
.PDFPortable Document Format File
.PDF-1Renamed PDF File
.PDFIGPDF Index Generator Project File
.PDFSAdobe PDF Presets File
.PDFXMLAdobe PDFXML Document
.PDGPrint Shop Deluxe Design File
.PDHProntoDoc for Word Browser Display Document Template
.PDIInstantCopy Disc Image
.PDLPerl Data Language File
.PDLCPPhotoDirector Lens Profile File
.PDMVB Project Information File
.PDMODPayday Modification Archive
.PDNPortable Draughts Notation File
.PDOPepakura Designer File
.PDPPalo Alto Software Plan Component File
.PDPCMDPdplayer Command File
.PDPCOMPPdplayer Composition File
.PDPDProduct Details Page DataObject File
.PDPLPlaintext Data Processing Language File
.PDPLXPlaintext Data Processing Language Extensible File
.PDRWindows Port Driver
.PDRPROJPowerDirector for Mobile Project
.PDSThe Print Shop Project
.PDSPRJProteus Project
.PDWProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document Template
.PDWRProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document
.PDXProduct Data eXchange File
.PDYStarMoney Encrypted Document
.PDZProntoDoc for Word Structured Text Document Template
.PE4PhotoImpact Image Archive
.PEAPEA File Archive
.PEAKSteinberg Peak File
.PEBProEST+ Buildings File
.PECBrother Embroidery File
.PEFPentax Electronic File
.PEGPeggle Replay File
.PEGNPeggle Nights Replay File
.PEKAdobe Peak Waveform File
.PEKEYPhysicsEditor License Key File
.PEMPrivacy Enhanced Mail Certificate
.PENPaint Shop Pro Pen Preset File
.PEPTurboProject Project File
.PERAge of Empires Personality File
.PERFMONCFGPerformance Monitor Configuration File
.PERSPECTIVEXcode Project Data File
.PERSPECTIVEV3Xcode Project Data File
.PESBrother PE Embroidery Format
.PETPuppy Linux Install Package
.PEXProBoard Executable File
.PEZPrezi Desktop Presentation
.PFPrivate File
.PF2GRUB Font File
.PFAPrinter Font ASCII File
.PFBPrinter Font Binary File
.PFCAOL Personal Filing Cabinet
.PFDMicrografx Optima! File
.PFFFormatta Portable Form File
.PFGjEEPers Program Configuration File
.PFIParagon Backup Index File
.PFILERights Management Protected File
.PFLPhotoFiltre Plugin
.PFMPrinter Font Metrics File
.PFOPrivate Folder
.PFRPortable Font Resource File
.PFSPhotoFiltre Studio Saved Selection File
.PFVPhotoFiltre Studio Vectorial Path
.PFXPKCS #12 Certificate File
.PGALPhoto! 3D Album Gallery
.PGDPGP Disk Image
.PGDATAPenguin George Data File
.PGFPokémon Mystery Gift for Black & White File
.PGIVideo Recording File
.PGMAkai MPC Program File
.PGNPortable Game Notation File
.PGPPGP Security Key
.PGPFPassword Generator Password File
.PGSPageStream Document
.PGTPokémon Gift File
.PGXHopedot VOS Data File
.PHPerl Header File
.PHARPocketMine-MP Plug-in
.PHBPhtotoBase Album File
.PHDPhotoDirector Project File
.PHJPhCNC Project File
.PHLKindle Popular Highlights File
.PHMPro Home Manager Data File
.PHNAlgodoo Phun Phunlet
.PHOGerber Photoplot File
.PHOTOLIBRARYiPhoto Photo Library
.PHOTOSHOWRoxio PhotoShow Project
.PHPPHP Source Code File
.PHP2PHP 2 Web Page
.PHP3PHP 3 Web Page
.PHP4PHP 4 Web Page
.PHP5PHP 5 Web Page
.PHRRoboHelp Phrase List
.PHTMPHP-Based Web Page
.PHY3ds Max Physique File
.PHYAAleph One Physics File
.PHYSICSMATERIAL2DUnity Physics Material 2D File
.PHZAlgodoo Phun Compressed Phunlet
.PIPi Calculation Data File
.PI1Degas Low Resolution Image File
.PI2Portrait Innovations Photo
.PI5DEGAS Bitmap Image
.PI6DEGAS Bitmap Image File
.PICQuickTime PICT Image
.PICKLEPython Pickle File
.PICNCHoudini 3D Compositing Image
.PICTPicture File
.PICTCLIPPINGPicture Clipping File
.PIDProcess ID File
.PIDSSnap-on Scan Data File
.PIEGlovePIE Controller Script
.PIFProgram Information File
.PIGPirates of the Burning Sea Data File
.PIGMPackaged Indigo Renderer Material File
.PIGSPackaged Indigo Renderer Scene File
.PIKAPika Software Builder Project File
.PIMPIM Archive
.PIMAAdobe Application Manager Package
.PIMXAdobe Package Installation Management File
.PINMNS Projection Information File
.PINEAPPLEPineapple Project
.PIOPro Tools I/O Settings File
.PIPOffice Personalized Settings File
.PIPDPIPE-FLO Demo Project File
.PIPEPIPE-FLO Project File
.PISPS2DIS Project File
.PISKELPiskel Sprite
.PITPackIt Compressed Archive
.PIVPivot Stickfigure Animation
.PIXPCI Geomatics Database File
.PIXADEXPixadex Icon
.PIXELAPixela Project
.PIXILPixilart Project
.PIZZipped File
.PJProject64 Saved State File
.PJ2xPlan Document
.PJLPrinter Job Language File
.PJMxPlan Model
.PJPProgressive JPEG Image
.PJPEGProgressive JPEG Image
.PJPGProgressive JPEG Image
.PJSTestComplete Project Suite File
.PJTFoxPro Project Memo File
.PJUNOXLPreset File
.PJXFoxPro Project
.PK2Silkroad Online Game Data File
.PK3Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
.PK4Doom 3 Engine Game Data File
.PK6Generation 6 Pokémon Save File
.PK7ZDoom Package
.PKAPacket Tracer Activity File
.PKBOracle Package Body File
.PKEYPowerKey Encrypted File
.PKFAudition Peak File
.PKGMac OS X Installer Package
.PKG.TAR.XZArch Linux Package File
.PKGDEFVisual Studio Shell File
.PKGUNDEFVisual Studio Shell File
.PKHOracle Package File
.PKLPython Pickle File
.PKMPokémon Saved Game Data File
.PKPASSPassbook Pass File
.PKPROJVisual CCScript Project
.PKSOracle Package Spec File
.PKTPacket Tracer Network Simulation Model
.PKXDecrypted 3DS Pokémon Save File
.PKZVideo Game Package
.PLProlog Source Code File
.PL03D Home Architect Foundation Floor Plan
.PL1PL/I Source Code
.PL23D Home Architect Second Level Floor Plan
.PLAiriver iQuickList File
.PLAGUEINCPlague Inc. Custom Scenario File
.PLAINPlain Text File
.PLANCalligra Plan Document
.PLANNERGnome Planner File
.PLASMOIDPlasma Widget
.PLAYERStarbound Player File
.PLAYGROUNDXcode Playground File
.PLAYLISTCyberLink PowerDVD Playlist
.PLAYMISSIONMissionPlayer Game File
.PLAYSETSouptoys Playset File
.PLCPL/B Source File
.PLEMessenger Plus! Live Encrypted Log File
.PLFPapyrus License File
.PLGVisual Studio Build Log File
.PLIPL/I Source Code File
.PLISTmacOS Property List File
.PLMPL/M Source Code File
.PLNAdobe InDesign Plug-in
.PLOTPlotagon Studio Project
.PLOTDOCPlotagon Project File
.PLPPhoto Locker Picture
.PLPROJAdobe Prelude Project File
.PLRrFactor Player File
.PLSMultimedia Playlist File
.PLSCMessenger Plus! Live Script File
.PLSKMessenger Plus! Live Skin Pack
.PLSTSmartMusic Playlist
.PLTAutoCAD Plotter Document
.PLT0Wii Color Palette File
.PLTSUITESafari Page Load Test Suite File
.PLUGINMac OS X Plugin
.PLW32-bit Windows IDA Plugin Module
.PLX32-bit Linux IDA Plugin Module
.PLX6464-bit Linux IDA Plugin Module
.PLYPolygon Model File
.PMPerl Module
.PM3Crouzet Logic Software M3 File
.PM4PageMaker 4 Document
.PM5PageMaker 5.0 Document
.PM6PageMaker 6.0 Document
.PMAWindows NT Performance Monitor Analytics
.PMATRIXPriority Matrix Project File
.PMCPerformance Monitor Counter File
.PMDPlanMaker Spreadsheet
.PMDXPlanMaker Spreadsheet
.PMFPartition Image File
.PMGPageMaker Group File
.PMJPegasus Mail Configuration File
.PMLPyre Properties File
.PMLZZipped Palm Markup Language File
.PMMPegasus Mail Mailbox File
.PMOBroderbund Print Meta Object File
.PMPAutoCAD Plot Model Parameter File
.PMPLPSBMusic Playlist File
.PMQMicrosoft Target Analyzer File
.PMRPerformance Monitor Report
.PMSETTINGSPowerMate Settings File
.PMTPageMaker Template File
.PMVPlanMaker Spreadsheet Template
.PMVXPlanMaker Spreadsheet Template
.PMXPrintMaster Project File
.PMXMLPrimavera XML Project File
.PNPowernoodle File (Discontinued)
.PNAPhatNoise Audio File
.PNACHPCSX2 Patch File
.PNCPanasonic Network Camera Image
.PNFPrecompiled INF File
.PNGPortable Network Graphic
.PNHProject ROME Plug-in Archive
.PNIPopnoggin Image File
.PNMPortable Any Map Image
.PNOWindows 8 Piano Song
.PNPROJProgrammer's Notepad Project File
.PNPTProgrammer's Notepad Project Template
.PNSPNG Stereo Image
.PNTPanther Project
.PNTGMacPaint Graphic File
.PNZPanorama Database Set
.POPortable Object
.POBIKindle Touch Periodical File
.POBJPhoto Pos Pro Vector Object File
.PODPerl POD File
.POFDescent Robot Definition File
.POGDescent 2 Texture Modification
.POIMagellan Maestro Point of Interest File
.POLWindows Policy File
.POLICYJava Policy Implementation File
.POMMaven Build File
.POPTeam Fortress 2 Population File
.POPSHAPEPopChar Character Shape File
.PORSPSS Portable File
.POSTrimble Position File
.POSBPoseidon Dive Log
.POSTALTomTom Postal Code File
.POTPortable Object File
.POTMMicrosoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
.POTXMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation Template
.POVProlab Object File
.POWPowerCFG Power Plan Settings File
.PPPocket Physics Sketch File
.PP2Poser Prop File
.PP4Picture Publisher Bitmap File
.PP5Picture Publisher 5 Image File
.PPAMicrosoft PowerPoint Add-in
.PPAMMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Add-In
.PPCMobile Data Studio Project File
.PPCXAdobe Presenter Presentation Audio File
.PPDPostScript Printer summary File
.PPDFRights Management Protected File
.PPFPaint Shop Pro Soft Plastic Preset File
.PPIYamaha Pack Installation File
.PPJPremiere 6 Project File
.PPKPuTTY Private Key File
.PPLFree Pascal Dynamic Library
.PPMPost Programmable Memory File
.PPMODPapers Please Mod File
.PPM_BNokia PPM Flash File
.PPPSerif PagePlus Document
.PPRORF Report File
.PPSMicrosoft PowerPoint Slide Show (Legacy)
.PPSMMicrosoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Show
.PPSXMicrosoft PowerPoint Slide Show
.PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation (Legacy)
.PPTHTMLMicrosoft PowerPoint HTML Presentation
.PPTMMicrosoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation
.PPTMHTMLMicrosoft PowerPoint MIME HTML Presentation
.PPTXMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation
.PPUFree Pascal Unit File
.PPVPocket PowerPoint Presentation
.PPXSerif PagePlus Template File
.PPZCompressed Poser Prop File
.PQPicturesque Preset
.PQBPleco Chinese Dictionary Backup File
.PQB-BACKUPPleco Chinese Dictionary Backup File
.PQHEROPuzzle Quest Saved Game
.PQIPowerQuest Drive Image
.PRSource Insight Project
.PRAWindows Media 9 Plug-in Profile File
.PRBxyAlgebra Probabilities File
.PRCSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Parameter File
.PRDPresentations Document
.PRDXPresentations Document
.PRELotus Freelance Graphics File
.PREFMacintosh Preferences File
.PREFABUnity Prefab File
.PREFPANEMac OS X System Preference Pane
.PREFSMMORPG Tycoon Preferences File
.PRELPremiere Elements Project File
.PRESTOPresto Project Spreadsheet
.PRFClarisWorks Preference File
.PRFPSETPremiere Pro Effect Preset File
.PRGVisual FoxPro Program File
.PRIQt Project Include File
.PRIMITIVESWorld of Tanks 3D Model File
.PRIMITIVES_PROCESSEDWorld of Tanks 3D Model File
.PRINTEREXPORTWindows Printer Migration File
.PRISONPrison Architect Saved Game
.PRJProject File
.PRJMprojectM Music Visualizer Preset
.PRJMBDAltium Designer Multi-board Project
.PRJPCBAltium Designer PCB Project
.PRJSCRAltium Designer Script Project
.PRKThrillville Park File
.PRMParameter File
.PRNPrint to File
.PRNXXtraReports PrintingSystem Document
.PROIDL Source Code File
.PRO4ProPresenter 4 Document
.PRO4DVDProPresenter DVD Clips Document
.PRO4PLProPresenter Playlist File
.PRO4PLXProPresenter Playlist Bundle
.PRO4XProPresenter 4 Bundle File
.PRO5ProPresenter 5 Document
.PRO5DVDProPresenter DVD Clips Document
.PRO5PLProPresenter Playlist File
.PRO5PLXProPresenter 5 Playlist Bundle
.PRO5TEMPLATEProPresenter 5 Template
.PRO5TEMPLATEBUNDLEProPresenter 5 Template Bundle
.PRO5XProPresenter 5 Bundle File
.PRO6ProPresenter 6 Document
.PRO6PLXProPresenter 6 Playlist Bundle
.PRO6XProPresenter 6 Bundle File
.PROCREATEProcreate Artwork File
.PROFSuper Smash Bros. Crusade Profile
.PROFILECitrix Application Profile
.PROFIMAILProfiMail Settings File
.PROJVisual Studio Project File
.PROJECTEclipse Project Settings File
.PROJECTPROPERTIESAlpha Five Project Properties File
.PROPAndroid Build Properties File
.PROPDESCProperty summary
.PROPERTIESJava Properties File
.PROPSVisual Studio Project Property File
.PROQCProPresenter Quartz Composition
.PROTOProtocol Buffer File
.PROTOTXTPrototype Caffe Model
.PROVISIONPROFILEApple Provision Profile
.PRPRational Model Properties File
.PRPROJPremiere Pro Project
.PRSPlayStation Radio Player Location
.PRSTAdobe InDesign Printer Presets File
.PRSXPresentations Slide Show
.PRTPrinter Driver File
.PRTLPremiere Pro Title File
.PRVFree Folder Hider Backup File
.PRVXPresentations Template
.PRWArtlantis Shader Preview File
.PRXWindows Media Profile File
.PRZFreelance Graphics Presentation File
.PSPostScript File
.PS1Microsoft Indexing Service Data File
.PS1XMLWindows PowerShell Display Configuration File
.PS2Microsoft Search Catalog Index File
.PSAPlesk Backup File
.PSARPSP Update File
.PSBPhotoshop Large Document Format
.PSCPapyrus Script
.PSC1Windows PowerShell Console File
.PSDAdobe Photoshop Document
.PSD1Windows PowerShell Data File
.PSDCAdobe Photoshop Cloud Document
.PSDLMidtown Madness 2 City File
.PSDXPhotoshop Touch Document
.PSEPhotoshop Elements Photo Project
.PSESSVisual Studio Performance Session File
.PSETAdobe InDesign Plug-in Set File
.PSFHP-UX Product Specification File
.PSF1PlayStation Sound Format File
.PSF2PlayStation Sound Format File
.PSFLIBPlaystation Sound Format Library
.PSFLIB2Playstation Sound Format Library
.PSGPage Segment File
.PSHPhotodex Slide Show
.PSIPrimalScript Online Help Shortcut
.PSIDPostScript Image Data File
.PSKUnreal Engine Skeletal Mesh File
.PSMSolid Edge Sheet Metal File
.PSM1Windows PowerShell Script Module File
.PSPPhotoshop Preferences File
.PSPBRUSHPaintShop Pro Brush File
.PSPDPhotoSuite 5 Project File
.PSPIMAGEPaintShop Pro Image
.PSPROJThe Print Shop Project File
.PSPSCRIPTPaintShop Pro Resource File
.PSRPowersoft Report File
.PSSPicture and Sound Show File
.PSSDPhotoSuite Slide Show File
.PSSGEGO Engine Textures File
.PSSLPlayStation Shader Language File
.PSTOutlook Personal Information Store File
.PSUPSU Designer Document
.PSVPipe System Viewer File
.PSWWindows Password Reset Disk File
.PSW6Password Depot 6 File
.PSWXPassword Depot Portable File
.PSXPlayStation Save File
.PSYThe Psychedelic Screen Saver Settings File
.PSYSZEQ2 Lite Particle Effects File
.PSZCompressed PostScript File
.PTPanther Project File
.PTBSage 50 Backup File
.PTCOPPxTone Audio File
.PTDPipeTech Data File
.PTEXPtex Texture File
.PTFPSP Theme File
.PTGPowerTeacher Gradebook Configuration File
.PTH4D Path Document
.PTKPuntotek Embroidery Design File
.PTLRational Rose Petal File
.PTMMapPoint Map File
.PTNPaperPort Thumbnail File
.PTNXEasyBeadPatterns Pattern
.PTPPro Tools Preferences File
.PTRFlash Intro Project File
.PTSPTGui Project File
.PTTMapPoint Map Template
.PTWAutoCAD Publish To Web File
.PTXPopCap Games Texture File
.PTXTPro Tools Session Template
.PTYRational Property Set
.PTZE-Transcript Bundle File
.PUPlantUML File
.PUBPublic Key File
.PUBLICATIONTwixl Publisher Publication
.PUGPug Template
.PUKPavuk Universal Kommand File
.PUPPuppy Linux DotPup Installer Package
.PUPPETAdobe Character Animator Puppet File
.PURBLEPAIRSSAVE-MSPurble Pairs Saved Game
.PURBLESHOPSAVE-MSPurble Place Shop Saved Game
.PUZPacked Publisher File
.PV8Pixel Vision 8 Disk File
.PVAPVA Video File
.PVCParallels Desktop Copied Configuration File
.PVDInstalit Script
.PVFPortable Voice Format
.PVHDParagon Virtual Hard Drive
.PVJProofVision Job Ticket
.PVKPrivate Key File
.PVLInstalit Library
.PVMHP Photo Album
.PVMZParallels Compressed Virtual Machine
.PVOCProVoc Database File
.PVPFPet ville Save File
.PVRPOWERVR Texture File
.PVSParallels Desktop Configuration File
.PVWPronto for Windows Data View File
.PWAPassword Agent File
.PWCPictureTaker File
.PWDSolid Edge Weldment Document
.PWDPPassword Pad Document
.PWDPLPassword Pad Lite Document
.PWFCounter-Strike PODBot Waypoint File
.PWIPocket Word Document
.PWLWindows Password List
.PWNPawn Source Code File
.PWPPhotoWorks Image File
.PWRPowerWrite Document
.PWREPPassword Repository File
.PWSPainter Workspace File
.PWTAutoCAD Publish To Web Template
.PWVPassword Vault Archive
.PXPixel Image File
.PX5Clone Manager Primer Collection File
.PXAXpressAccounts Data File
.PXBPixelmator Brush File
.PXCPhotodex Cache File
.PXDPyrex Definition File
.PXFPendix Firmware File
.PXGPixelmator Gradient File
.PXIPyrex Include File
.PXICONCandyBar Icon
.PXIPPixelmator Image Preset
.PXJRecordNow Project
.PXLPocket Excel File
.PXLSPixelmator Style File
.PXMPixelmator Image File
.PXMLPandora XML File
.PXPCounter-Strike PODBot Experience File
.PXRPixar Image File
.PXSPixelmator Shape File
.PXVPixbend Media File
.PXXKeyman Developer Encrypted Customization File
.PXZPixlr Zipped Layered Image
.PYPython Script
.PYCPython Compiled File
.PYDPython Dynamic Module
.PYMPYM Macro Preprocessor File
.PYOPython Optimized Code
.PYPROJVisual Studio Python Project
.PYWPython GUI Source File
.PYXPyrex Source Code File
.PYXELPyxel Image Document
.PZPanzoid Video Project
.PZ2Poser Pose File
.PZ3Poser Scene File
.PZAPhotoSuite Album File
.PZFGraphPad Prism Project
.PZFXGraphPad Prism XML Project
.PZLTibo Jigs@w Puzzle File
.PZPTibo Jigs@w Compressed Puzzle File
.PZSPhotoSuite Slide Show File
.PZZCompressed Poser Scene File