.{PB File Extension

A .{PB file is a Corel WordPerfect Document Index File, created by Corel.

Open with Corel WordPerfect 2021. Available for Windows.

What is a .{PB file?

The .{PB file extension is linked to a type of file known as a Corel WordPerfect Document Index File. This kind of file is made by WordPerfect, which is a program used for writing and editing text documents. The special thing about a .{PB file is that it holds information that helps WordPerfect quickly search and find things within documents. It's like a quick reference guide for the program to look through many documents efficiently.

To open a .{PB file, you would typically use the Corel WordPerfect 2021 program. This is because .{PB files are specifically designed to work with WordPerfect and may not be easily opened or used by other software.

It's interesting to note that .{PB files can become quite large over time. This happens because as you create more documents in WordPerfect, the .{PB file keeps updating with new search and index information to include those documents. This means the file grows as you work on more documents.

Two common examples of .{PB files are named pfpjobpr.{pb and pfpjobcm.{pb. You can usually find these files in the Windows directory on your computer.

One important thing to remember is that .{PB files are associated with older versions of WordPerfect. Even though they are used by the program to help with document searches, they are a bit of a throwback to earlier software versions.


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