.0FOP File Extension

A .0FOP file is a WWE 2K Entrance or Victory Animation File, created by Yuke's.

Open with 2K Sports WWE 2K19. Available for Windows.

What is a .0FOP file?

A .0FOP file is a special kind of computer file that is used in wrestling video games from the WWE 2K series. These games let players experience what it's like to be a professional wrestler, including making grand entrances and celebrating victories in the ring. The .0FOP file contains all the information the game needs to show these cool animations on the screen.

When you play a WWE 2K game, every time a wrestler comes into the arena or wins a match, there's a special animation that plays. These animations are stored in .0FOP files. Think of it like a digital container that holds all the moves, music, and effects that make up a wrestler's entrance or victory dance. These files are usually packed inside another type of file called a .PAC file.

If you're looking to open or see these animations outside of the game, you would typically need to use the WWE 2K19 or WWE 2K18 games developed by 2K Sports. These games understand how to read the .0FOP files and show you the animations as they were meant to be seen.

The WWE 2K series has been around for a while and lets players step into the shoes of their favorite wrestlers. Before the game WWE 2K20 came out, a company named Yuke's was in charge of making these games. They designed the .0FOP files to store the animations for wrestler entrances and victories. For example, in WWE 2K15, there's a file called Entrance(00-008).pac that contains .0FOP files for different wrestler entrance animations.

It's also interesting to know that .0FOP files might be called EVP files by some people. This is because they are found in the EVP directory of a .PAC file, which is like a folder inside the .PAC file where these animation files are kept.


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