.1SC File Extension

A .1SC file is a Bio-Rad Quantity One Gel Image, created by Bio-Rad.

Open with ImageJ with Bio-Formats library. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .1SC file?

A .1SC file is a special type of image file that is created by a program called Bio-Rad Quantity One. This program is used by scientists and researchers who work with a technique called gel electrophoresis. Gel electrophoresis is a method used in labs to separate mixtures of DNA, RNA, or proteins according to their size. The results of these experiments are very important and need to be recorded accurately.

The .1SC file contains a digital image or picture of the results from a gel electrophoresis experiment. This means that instead of having a physical photo or printout of the gel, the results are saved in a computer file that can be viewed, analyzed, and shared electronically. This is very useful for scientists who want to study the results more closely or share them with other researchers around the world.

To open and work with a .1SC file, you need specific software that understands this type of file. One of the main programs that can open .1SC files is Bio-Rad Quantity One itself, which is the same program used to create these files. This software allows users to not only open and view the gel images but also to analyze the data in various ways to get the information they need from the experiment.

Another program that can open .1SC files is called ImageJ, but it requires an additional component known as the Bio-Formats library. ImageJ is a popular, open-source program used for processing and analyzing scientific images. With the Bio-Formats library added, ImageJ can work with .1SC files, allowing even more flexibility in how the gel images can be viewed and analyzed.

In summary, .1SC files are digital images of gel electrophoresis results, created and used by scientists in the field of molecular biology. These files can be opened and analyzed using specific software like Bio-Rad Quantity One or ImageJ with the Bio-Formats library.


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