.1TE File Extension

A .1TE file is a 1tracker Music Engine, created by Shiru.

Open with Shiru 1tracker. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .1TE file?

A .1TE file is a special kind of music file that works with a program called 1tracker, which is used to make chiptune music. Chiptune music is a style that sounds like the music from old video games. The .1TE file has important information that tells 1tracker how to use different sounds or "audio channels" when someone is creating their music. This means that when you're using 1tracker to make a song, the .1TE file helps decide what kinds of sounds you can use and how they can be mixed together.

1tracker comes with a bunch of these .1TE files already included, so you have many options to choose from for how your music can sound. If you want to use a different set of sounds or "engine," you can easily switch to another .1TE file from a menu in 1tracker called "Select engine." If you have a .1TE file and you want to open it or use it to make music, you need to use the 1tracker program. 1tracker is made by someone named Shiru, and it's specifically designed to work with these .1TE files and help you create chiptune music.


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