.1TM File Extension

A .1TM file is a 1tracker Module, created by Shiru.

Open with Shiru 1tracker. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .1TM file?

A .1TM file is a type of audio file specifically designed for use with a program called 1tracker, which is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. This file format is unique because it stores music in a way that includes not just the notes of the song, but also detailed information about the instruments used to play those notes, and other important details about the song itself. This information is stored in plain text, which means it's written in a simple, readable format.

When you open a .1TM file in 1tracker, you'll see the music represented in a grid format. This grid shows the different channels of the song (like different tracks for different instruments) and the notes that are played in each channel. It's a visual way to see how the song is structured and how it will sound when played.

To open a .1TM file, the best choice is to use Shiru 1tracker, the program specifically designed for creating and editing these files. However, because the information in a .1TM file is stored in plain text, you can also open it with a variety of other programs if you just want to view (but not edit in the intended format) the content. These include: - Microsoft Visual Studio Code: A powerful code editor that can handle a wide range of file types, including .1TM files. - Any text editor: Simple programs like Microsoft Notepad (included with Windows) or Apple TextEdit (included with macOS) can open .1TM files, allowing you to see the plain text contents. However, these editors won't display the music in the grid format that 1tracker does. - Microsoft Visual Studio Code (again mentioned because it's a versatile tool for working with text-based files).

While these alternative programs can open .1TM files, they won't provide the music tracking functionality of 1tracker. They're useful for viewing or making quick edits to the text information, but to fully work with the music in the intended way, using 1tracker is necessary.


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