.2BP File Extension

A .2BP file is a Pocket PC Bitmap Image File, created by N/A.

Open with XnViewMP. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .2BP file?

The file extension .2BP represents a type of image file known as a Pocket PC Bitmap Image File. This kind of file is specifically designed to store pictures in a bitmap or raster format, which means the image is made up of a grid of tiny, colored squares called pixels. These .2BP files are commonly used on Pocket PC PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices, which are small, portable computers designed to fit in your pocket.

To create a .2BP file, you might start with an image in a different format and then use a program like Microsoft ActiveSync to convert it into the .2BP format. This is useful because it allows you to view your favorite images on your Pocket PC device, even if they were originally in a format that the device couldn't display.

If you have a .2BP file and you want to open it, you have several options. One popular program is XnViewMP, which is available for PCs. This software lets you view the image stored in the .2BP file on your computer. Microsoft ActiveSync is another program that can handle .2BP files, and it's specifically designed to synchronize data between your PC and your Pocket PC, including images. Newera Graphics Converter Pro is also capable of opening and converting .2BP files, offering more flexibility in how you use your images. Lastly, XnViewMP is mentioned again because it's a versatile tool that supports a wide range of image formats, including .2BP, making it a good choice for viewing these files on both PCs and Pocket PC devices.


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