.7Z File Extension

A .7Z file is a 7-Zip Compressed File, created by Igor Pavlov.

Open with B1 Archiver. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .7Z file?

A .7Z file is a type of compressed file, which means it's a collection of one or more files that have been made smaller to save space. This kind of file is created by programs that squish files down, and the most famous one for making .7Z files is called 7-Zip. The .7Z file uses a special way to shrink files, known as LZMA compression, which is really good at making files much smaller. Sometimes, these files are also protected with a strong type of password protection called AES-256 encryption to keep the contents safe.

People use .7Z files to pack together lots of files or folders into one smaller file. This makes it easier to move them around, like sending them over the internet or storing them without using up a lot of space.

To open a .7Z file, you can use various programs. Some of these are: - B1 Archiver - p7zip - PeaZip - Zipeg - File Viewer Plus (which you can get from Microsoft) - 7-Zip - Corel WinZip - Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe - RARLAB WinRAR - ZipGenius - ConeXware PowerArchiver - The Apple Archive Utility (which comes with Apple's operating system) - Incredible Bee Archiver - Sixty Five 7zX - The Unarchiver - Keka (for Mac) - 123apps Archive Extractor (a web tool) - File Viewer for Android - RARLAB RAR (for Android) - ZDevs ZArchiver (for Android) The .7Z file format has been around since 1999 and became free for anyone to use in 2008. It's still being updated and improved. Besides LZMA, .7Z files can use other methods to compress files, and they support really big files, up to 16,000,000,000 GB! They can also handle file names in any language and can be split into parts, which is handy for very large archives.


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