.ANSYM File Extension

A .ANSYM file is a Adobe Edge Animate Library File, created by Adobe Systems.

Open with Adobe Edge Animate CC (Discontinued). Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .ANSYM file?

The file extension .ANSYM refers to an Adobe Edge Animate Library File. This type of file is associated with Adobe Edge Animate, a software application that was used to create animated content for websites. The .ANSYM file contains symbols, which are elements like vector or bitmap graphics. These symbols can be repeatedly used within different animations created in Adobe Edge Animate, making the design process more efficient.

To use an .ANSYM file in Adobe Edge Animate, you would typically go to the Library panel within the program, click on the "+" button, and select "Import Symbols..." from the menu that appears. This action allows you to add pre-designed symbols into your current animation project.

Additionally, .ANSYM files can be created in other Adobe Creative Suite applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Fireworks. This feature is particularly useful for graphic designers who prefer to create their graphics using advanced tools available in these programs before incorporating them into their web animations via Edge Animate.

It's important to note that Adobe Edge Animate CC, the version of the software that can open .ANSYM files, has been discontinued as of November 2015. This means that no new updates or support for this software are available, which might affect compatibility with newer computer systems and technologies. If you need to open an .ANSYM file, you will need to use a version of Adobe Edge Animate CC that was released before the software was discontinued.


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