.APPODEAL File Extension

A .APPODEAL file is a Appodeal Text File, created by Appodeal.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .APPODEAL file?

An .APPODEAL file is a type of text file associated with Appodeal, a platform that allows Android app developers to earn money by showing ads in their apps. These files are created by apps that use Appodeal's services and are typically found in the Internal Shared Storage folder of Android devices.

The content of an .APPODEAL file is usually just the text "e30=", which might seem cryptic. The exact role of these files isn't clearly defined, but it's believed that they might serve as a signal or marker within the app to enable the display of advertisements from Appodeal's network.

Since .APPODEAL files are essentially text files, they can be opened with any basic text editor. Here are some of the programs and platforms that can open these files: 1. **Microsoft Notepad** - This is a simple text editor included with all versions of Windows. It can open and display the contents of .APPODEAL files. 2. **Apple TextEdit** - Similar to Notepad but for macOS, TextEdit is included with the operating system and can handle .APPODEAL files. 3. **Vim** - A powerful text editor used primarily by developers, available on multiple operating systems. 4. **Rhythm Software QuickEdit Text Editor** - A text editor for Android devices that can be used to view and edit .APPODEAL files directly on the device. 5. **Aquamarine Networks Jota Text Editor** - Another text editor for Android, useful for handling various text file types including .APPODEAL. 6. **Google Chrome Text** - On Chrome OS, this app can open text files like .APPODEAL directly in the Google Chrome browser.

Although Github Atom was mentioned as a program to open these files, it's important to note that Atom has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

In summary, .APPODEAL files are small text files used by Android apps that incorporate Appodeal's advertising SDK. These files are likely used to manage or trigger the display of ads within the app. They can be opened and viewed using a variety of text editors across different platforms.


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