.ASAMU File Extension

A .ASAMU file is a A Story About My Uncle Level Map, created by Gone North Games.

Open with Coffee Stain Publishing A Story About My Uncle. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .ASAMU file?

An .ASAMU file is a type of game data file specifically used by the video game "A Story About My Uncle." This file helps the game display its levels by containing the 3D models of the game's environments. Essentially, .ASAMU files are crucial for showing what each part of the game world looks like.

Originally, these files are .UPK files, which are common in games developed with the Unreal Engine, a popular game development tool. They are renamed to .ASAMU for use in "A Story About My Uncle." To open an .ASAMU file, you can use the game itself, "A Story About My Uncle," developed by Coffee Stain Publishing. This is the primary program for interacting with these files as it directly uses them to load and display game levels. Additionally, you can view the contents of .ASAMU files using the Unreal Engine Resource Viewer, a tool designed to handle and view various resources, including .UPK files, used in games developed with the Unreal Engine. This viewer can be helpful for developers or curious players who want to explore how the game's environments are structured.


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