.AVENIRPROJ File Extension

A .AVENIRPROJ file is a StoryMill Project, created by Mariner Software.

Open with Mariner StoryMill. Available for Mac.

What is a .AVENIRPROJ file?

The file extension .AVENIRPROJ is associated with a type of file known as a StoryMill Project. This type of file is created by a software program called StoryMill, which is designed specifically for Mac computers. StoryMill is used primarily by authors and writers to help them in writing books.

A .AVENIRPROJ file includes various components of a book project. It contains the text of the chapters that the author has written. In addition to the written content, it also holds details about the characters of the book, which are referred to as book actors. Furthermore, it includes information about different scenes and locations that appear in the book, helping the writer to keep track of where events take place within the story.

Besides the narrative elements, the .AVENIRPROJ file format supports the organization of the author's tasks and stores research information. This feature is particularly useful for writers to manage their workflow and to keep all necessary research and background material linked to the book project.

To open a file with the .AVENIRPROJ extension, you need to use the Mariner StoryMill program. This software provides the necessary tools to view and edit the contents of the StoryMill Project file. Since StoryMill is tailored for Mac users, opening this type of file requires using a Mac computer with this specific program installed.


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