.AZW3R File Extension

A .AZW3R file is a Amazon eBook Notation File, created by Amazon.

Open with jps-e azw3r. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .AZW3R file?

An AZW3R file is a specific type of file used by Amazon Kindle, which is an application designed for reading eBooks. This file extension stands for Amazon eBook Notation File. Essentially, an AZW3R file stores all the annotations such as notes, highlights, and bookmarks that a user makes while reading an eBook. These annotations are specifically linked to an eBook that has the .AZW3 file extension.

When a reader uses Amazon Kindle to read an eBook and decides to make notes, highlight text, or place bookmarks within the eBook, these pieces of information are saved in an AZW3R file. This file is automatically created by the Kindle app to store these annotations. It is important to note that the AZW3R file is directly associated with its corresponding AZW3 eBook file, usually having the same file name and stored in the same directory, often within a sub-directory named .sdr found in the Kindle device or application.

While the primary purpose of AZW3R files is to function within the Kindle ecosystem and they are not typically meant to be opened directly by users, there are some specialized tools and utilities developed by third parties that can open these files. These tools can be used to view or extract the data contained in AZW3R files.

Programs that can open AZW3R files include: - Amazon Kindle for PC - Amazon Kindle for Mac - Amazon Kindle app for iOS - Amazon Kindle app for Android These applications are designed to synchronize your reading experience across devices by maintaining your personal annotations. If you are using one of these programs, it will automatically handle the AZW3R file along with the AZW3 eBook file, ensuring that all your notes and bookmarks are displayed correctly as you read the eBook.


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