.BAC File Extension

A .BAC file is a Backup File, created by Avantrix.

Open with Avantrix Backup Plus. Available for Windows.

What is a .BAC file?

The .BAC file extension is used for backup files. These are files or groups of files that have been copied and saved using a program called Backup Plus, which was developed by Avantrix. A .BAC file might be a single backup file or it could be part of a larger set of backup files. When it's part of a set, the other files in the set will have extensions like ".b01," ".b02," and so on.

To access or restore the data from a .BAC file, you would typically use the Backup Plus Restore Manager, which is part of the Avantrix Backup Plus software. However, it's important to note that Avantrix no longer supports this software.

If you need to open a .BAC file but cannot use the Backup Plus software, there is a workaround. If the .BAC file is not part of a split archive (meaning it's just a single file), you can try changing the file extension from .BAC to .ZIP. After renaming it, you can attempt to open the file using a ZIP file decompression program, such as WinZip, which is widely available.

If your .BAC file is part of a split archive (you'll know this if there are other related files with extensions like .b01, .b02, etc.), you should rename all these files similarly by changing .b01 to .z01, .b02 to .z02, and so on. After renaming these files, you can also try opening them with a ZIP decompression utility like WinZip.

This renaming trick works because the backup files are often saved in a format similar to ZIP files, even though they have a different extension. By renaming them, you're helping your decompression program recognize and handle the files correctly.


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