.BACKUP1 File Extension

A .BACKUP1 file is a Split Android Backup File, created by Google.

Open with Android. Available for .

What is a .BACKUP1 file?

A .BACKUP1 file is a type of file that is part of a split backup from an Android device, like a smartphone or tablet. This file holds some of your personal information that you've saved on your device. This can include things like your contact list, any files you've saved, and your device settings. When an Android device makes a backup of your data, it sometimes splits this information into several files, named BACKUP1, BACKUP2, BACKUP3, and so on, instead of putting it all into one single .BACKUP file. This usually happens when there's not enough space to save everything in one go, especially on devices that can only handle smaller file sizes.

To open a .BACKUP1 file, you would typically use an Android device. This is because these files are designed to work with the Android operating system, which comes pre-installed on Android smartphones and tablets. In the past, if you wanted to make a backup of your Android device's data, you could do this by going into the System Recovery Mode on your device and choosing the backup option. Normally, this process would create one big BACKUP file. However, on some Android devices that can only work with smaller files, the backup would be split into multiple files, each with a size limit of 2GB, and saved with extensions like .backup, .backup1, .backup2, etc. These BACKUP1 files would usually be saved on the device's SD card. If you ever needed to, you could use these backup files to restore your data to your device or to move your data to a new Android device.


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