.BAD File Extension

A .BAD file is a Exchange Badmail File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Exchange Server. Available for Windows.

What is a .BAD file?

The file extension .BAD is associated with a type of file known as an Exchange Badmail File. This kind of file is created by Microsoft Exchange Server, which is a program used by businesses to manage emails, calendars, and tasks. A .BAD file is essentially an email message that the server was unable to deliver to the intended recipient. Inside a .BAD file, you can find information similar to what you would see in a regular email, including who sent the message, who was supposed to receive it, the subject of the email, and the body text of the message. This means that if an email fails to reach its destination, the .BAD file allows you to see what the message was about and who was involved.

To open and view the contents of a .BAD file, you would typically use Microsoft Exchange Server, since this is the program that creates and manages these files. Additionally, it's worth noting that .BAD files are kept in a specific folder named Badmail. This folder also contains other types of files related to undeliverable messages, such as .BDR and .BDP files. If you need to view the contents of a .BAD file, one way to do so is by moving it to another folder within Microsoft Exchange Server called the Pickup folder. Once the file is in the Pickup folder, the server can process it, allowing you to see the information inside the .BAD file.


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