.BAK~ File Extension

A .BAK~ file is a AbiWord Auto-Saved Document, created by AbiSource.

Open with AbiSource AbiWord. Available for Linux.

What is a .BAK~ file?

A .BAK~ file is a type of file that is automatically created by a program called AbiSource AbiWord. AbiWord is a free program that lets you write and edit text documents, similar to Microsoft Word but without any cost. When you are working on a document in AbiWord, the program occasionally saves a backup version of your document. This backup version is saved as a .BAK~ file.

The purpose of this .BAK~ file is to make sure you don't lose your work. For example, if your computer crashes or you accidentally close AbiWord without saving, you can find the .BAK~ file and open it to get back the last saved version of your document. This can be really helpful because it means you might not lose all your work if something goes wrong.

To open a .BAK~ file, you need to use the AbiWord program. Since the .BAK~ file is specifically created by AbiWord, it's designed to be opened by this program. Once you open the .BAK~ file in AbiWord, you can see the last auto-saved version of your document. This might be a bit different from the very last thing you typed, but it should be pretty close, depending on how frequently AbiWord saves these backup versions.

In summary, a .BAK~ file is a backup document created by the AbiWord program to help you save your work automatically. You can open this file with the AbiWord program to recover the last saved version of your document if needed.


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