.BAP File Extension

A .BAP file is a Blaze Audio Wave Information File, created by Blaze Audio.

Open with Blaze Audio RipEditBurn. Available for Windows.

What is a .BAP file?

The .BAP file extension stands for a Blaze Audio Wave Information File. This type of file is not an audio file itself but rather a small file that helps with audio files. When you use a Blaze Audio program to open an audio file, the program automatically creates a .BAP file. This file stores important information about the audio file, like its settings and how it should be opened. Because it has this information, the next time you want to open the same audio file in the program, it can open much faster. This is because the program reads the .BAP file and knows exactly how to handle the audio file right away, speeding up the process.

The .BAP files are very small, so they don't take up much space on your computer. However, they play a big role in making the Blaze Audio programs work more efficiently. These files are always saved in the same folder as the audio files they are associated with. It's important to remember that .BAP files don't contain any sound or music. They only have information about the audio files, like a helper file.

If you have a .BAP file, you can open it with Blaze Audio RipEditBurn, which is a program designed for editing and managing audio files. This program understands the .BAP file format and uses the information within these files to improve your experience when working with audio files.


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