.BBKEYMAP File Extension

A .BBKEYMAP file is a Blockbench Keymap, created by Blockbench.

Open with Blockbench. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BBKEYMAP file?

A .BBKEYMAP file is a type of file specifically used by Blockbench, which is a free tool for creating 3D models. This file stores custom settings that tell the software what each keyboard key should do when pressed. For example, one key might be set to rotate a model, while another could be used to scale it. This is helpful for users who want to customize their workflow in Blockbench.

The content inside a .BBKEYMAP file is formatted in JSON, which is a simple text-based format used to store structured data. Because it's text-based, the file can be edited with various text editing programs.

To create or modify a .BBKEYMAP file, you can use Blockbench itself. Inside Blockbench, there's a section called the Keybindings window where you can change your keyboard shortcuts and save these settings as a .BBKEYMAP file.

If you need to open or edit a .BBKEYMAP file, you can use several programs: - **Blockbench**: This is the primary program for which the file is designed. You can load your custom keymaps directly into Blockbench. - **Text Editors**: Since the file is in JSON format, you can open it with any basic text editor like Microsoft Notepad, Apple TextEdit, or other advanced text editors like Vim. These are included with most operating systems or can be easily downloaded. - **Web Browsers**: You can also view the contents of a .BBKEYMAP file in a web browser like Google Chrome, especially if you're using a Chrome OS device.

Overall, .BBKEYMAP files are useful for customizing how Blockbench responds to keyboard inputs, making it easier to tailor the 3D modeling experience to your preferences.


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