.BBZ File Extension

A .BBZ file is a BerryBuzz Backup File, created by Bellshare.

Open with Microsoft Notepad (Included with OS). Available for Windows.

What is a .BBZ file?

The file extension .BBZ represents a BerryBuzz Backup File. This type of file is specifically created by a program called BerryBuzz, which is used on BlackBerry handheld devices. BerryBuzz allows users to customize the colors of the LED notification lights on their BlackBerry. The .BBZ file contains a backup of these LED color settings.

When you create a backup of your LED configurations using BerryBuzz, the data is saved as a .BBZ file on the media card of your BlackBerry device. This is useful for restoring your settings later or for transferring them to another BlackBerry device.

You can also move the .BBZ file from your BlackBerry to a computer. Once on a computer, the file can be opened and viewed using simple text editing software. Programs that can open a .BBZ file include Microsoft Notepad, which is typically included with most operating systems, or any other text editor you might have installed. These programs allow you to view the contents of the .BBZ file in plain text format.


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