.BC! File Extension

A .BC! file is a BitComet Incomplete File, created by BitComet.

Open with BitComet. Available for Windows.

What is a .BC! file?

The file extension .BC! represents a BitComet Incomplete File. This type of file is associated with BitComet, which is a program used to download files through the BitTorrent network, a popular method for sharing and downloading large files. When you start downloading a file using BitComet, it first creates a .BC! file. This file is essentially a placeholder or a temporary file that indicates the download is not yet finished. As the file is being downloaded, it keeps the .BC! extension to show that it's still incomplete.

Once the download is successfully completed, BitComet automatically changes the file's extension from .BC! to its original format, whether that's a video, audio, document, or any other type of file. This means you cannot directly use or open a .BC! file as you would with regular files because it's not in its complete form.

To deal with a .BC! file, you would typically use BitComet itself. BitComet has the capability to resume downloads that have been stopped or interrupted. This is particularly useful if your internet connection is lost or if you need to pause the download for any reason. As long as the original file remains available on the BitTorrent network, you can open BitComet, and it will continue downloading the file from where it left off, eventually converting the .BC! file into its complete, usable form.

In summary, if you come across a .BC! file on your computer, it means you have an incomplete download that was started with BitComet. To finish the download and convert the file to its proper format, you should open BitComet and resume the download. Once the download is complete, the .BC! extension will be removed, and you'll be able to open and use the file as intended.


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