.BCC File Extension

A .BCC file is a Calendar Creator File, created by Broderbund.

Open with Broderbund Calendar Creator. Available for Windows.

What is a .BCC file?

A .BCC file is a type of file created by a program called Calendar Creator. This program lets people make their own calendars. You can choose how you want your calendar to look, like seeing one day at a time, a whole week, a month, or even the entire year. The .BCC file includes a design for the calendar, which can have pictures, and it keeps track of important dates. These dates could be holidays or special events in your life.

To open a .BCC file, you need to use the Broderbund Calendar Creator software. This is the program that originally made the file, so it knows exactly how to show it to you correctly.

More about .BCC files: They are really useful because you can print your calendar in different styles. You might want a standard wall calendar, a book-style calendar that you can carry with you, or even an organizer format. Also, if you want to share your calendar or use it in other projects, you can turn it into different types of files like .HTML (for web pages), .JPG (a common picture format), .TIF (a high-quality picture), .BMP (another picture format), or .PDF (a document that looks the same on any device). This makes .BCC files very flexible for different uses.


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