.BCP File Extension

A .BCP file is a Borland C++ Makefile, created by NeuralTek.

Open with Adobe Photoshop with the BlackMagic plugin. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BCP file?

The file extension ".BCP" is associated with a Borland C++ Makefile, but it is also used in a different context as a palette file for custom colors. These custom color palettes are specifically used by a Photoshop plug-in called BlackMagic. BlackMagic is a tool designed to add color to photos that are originally in black and white, sepia (a type of brownish tone), or taken with infrared photography, which typically captures images not visible to the naked eye.

The ".BCP" files contain a collection of colors that you can use to colorize your photos in BlackMagic. These files are usually saved in a specific folder named 'palettes' within the BlackMagic directory on your computer. When you are using BlackMagic in Adobe Photoshop, you can manage these color palettes by using the "Load" and "Record" buttons found in the BlackMagic Image window. This means you can save your custom color selections to use again later or load an existing palette to apply those colors to your current project.

To open and work with ".BCP" files, you need to have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer. Additionally, you must have the BlackMagic plug-in added to Photoshop. This plug-in integrates with Photoshop, allowing you to access and use the ".BCP" files directly within the Photoshop environment. Without both Adobe Photoshop and the BlackMagic plug-in, you won't be able to open or use the ".BCP" files for colorizing your photos.


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